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Grace. Wrapped up in Sunday School answers and stuck to the back of bumpers, this was a word that at the end of last year had lost its meaning to me. Surrounded by so much need here in Honduras yet still only twenty-four hours in a day, I had become apathetic for the community around me without even realizing it. It is like when you drive a certain way home so often that one day you get there and you don’t even remember the journey. That is until the day when a deer, or maybe a sleepy head jerk reminds you to once again tune yourself in to the world around you. Though the same drastic effect, my wake-up did not come in a shocking manner nor through a traumatic experience. It came through a simple “Hola,” a twelve year old girl, a life that makes you vividly see why we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Tania walked, well more bounced, into the youth group meeting that Saturday. I have never met such a cheerful child. I don’t exactly remember the lesson that day. I do remember having my hair braided and being defeated in my argument that green mangos are better than orange ones. I left offering to walk Tania home until I was told she lived forty-five minutes away. So we walked to the main road, where I was going to find her a motor taxi to take her the rest of the way. Then it began to rain. So we stopped to get cookies and milk. She began to tell me her story. She also shared her love for walking in the rain. That is when she felt closest to God she said. Not exactly in agreement with her love for being cold and wet, but interested to learn more about her, we began to walk out of the city and towards her house.

She lives in a very small community with her mom and younger brother. She has been cooking and doing laundry since she can remember. She walks the almost hour trek on the main road everyday to and from town to go to the public school, where she just completed sixth grade. Her mom told her after sixth grade she would no longer help her with her studies. Tania began to attend all our youth group events. We went out one day and bought umbrellas and ate pizza when I realized that her birthday had passed less than a week ago and no one even bothered to say anything. She never asked me for anything, yet was such an encouragement and joy to everyone she came in contact with.

So watching her graduate sixth grade, our youth group GVC cannot let this be the end of her education. After talking to her and her mother our desire is to find the funds so that Tania can both study and graduate from Vida Abundante,the private bilingual school where I teach. This past month here has been a series of ups and downs. Tania recently entered into her first day of class at Vida Abundante, beginning a sixth month English intensive in order to enter into normal seventh grade classes next year. After her first day of school,she called me and said she felt happier than she had ever been. As of today I have been made aware that the funds promised for Tania have fallen through. So i write not only out of a desire to share the encouragement she has been for me, but out a great need. We want to find her a sponsor. someone who can commit to paying for her schooling for at least her first year. I cannot change all of Honduras, but I can work to help change one life, and a life that I know will change others.

If you know of anyone or have any questions shoot me an e-mail: sebooth@liberty.edu

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~ by sebooth88 on March 7, 2012.

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